Good game ....but not all that great

User Rating: 7.7 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 GC
This is a good game. There really isnt no way to explain it. The grapics are good. The soundtrack is pretty good to. You have some hard-rock music in it. There are alot of levels to this game. Which means alot of missons. If your a die hard bmx fan you will like it. Not the easiest of games. There are alot of of weird players you unlock. But to know what they are you have to buy it and beat it. You also have a good bit of selection of characters. There are alot of cool moves that you can do and very interesting. At first its a really fun game. When you quit playing it and you need a game to go back to this is the one to go to. If youve got the itch to play a good game this is one.