There have been way worse games out there, but this game is no more than a fair game.

User Rating: 6 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 GC
With Matt Hoffman stealing the show, Z-Axis wanted to give Dave Mirra a shot at the gold and what we get was no more than an OK game. This was my second or third game ever and I enjoyed it then but looking back now is different. I remember how hard it was to get past level 2 and that damn hill level in the city but it was always fun if a bit odd at times. Lingering bugs and glitches are there to ruin the fun and they can crop up alot from no sound, no music, surviving a massive drop and even going through walls. These glitches are few and far between so they won't ruin everything and the certainly will not break your copy of the game. When you start up the game you are at the main menu with some banging music which rocks but anyway, you can pick from career, single session, freeplay and your usual options credits and the lot. Career mode is, well, career mode. You have to complete tasks and challenges in order to go to the next level and you can also earn sponsorships which was a nice touch. Missions such as grinding a certain rail or jumping a set of hills or completing gaps. The career mode is fun but I wish the time limit lasted a bit longer because you will complete 3 or maybe 4 missions before the timer runs out. Single session is different, you have a certain amount of time to score as many points as you can before time runs out. I hardly use this mode at all. Free play is my favourite, you have no time limit to do what ever you want (like goofing around) or focusing on an incredible combo, you can do all of that at your pace in your own time and most games have this but since this was one of my first games ever I was astonished. The graphics are great, environments look detailed and buildings, objects you name it look good. The only issue I had with the visuals was the character models, they were blocky and very grainy.
If you have played Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Shaun Palmer then the controls are just perfect. If you want to know what the controls are then just look at my previous reviews and if you haven't then you should lol. The gameplay is boring, all you do is grind a couple rails, pull off some fancy tricks, jump over a few cars, smash some street lights and even busting through roof tops. Yes it does sound amazing but you do this every 5 minutes and I was wishing there was more things to do. The levels are small and crowded. After 10 minutes you have seen it all, good thing there are quite a few levels. The difficulty is BRUTAL. Try getting past LEVEL 5 WITHOUT TEARING YOUR HEAR OUT! I am NOT joking. The rider selection is decent but if you are used to skateboarding (like me) then you won't know anyone other than Dave Mirra. Still decent though. The music is fantastic, with A tribe called quest and many more licensed tracks this is golden. I had all the songs stuck in my head for months and almost a year! Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 was fun, but glitches, hard difficulty and repetitiveness manages to spoil most of the mix. Rent it first then when you see it at £1.00 or something then pick it up.