User Rating: 8.9 | Darwinia PC
Darwinia is an old-school RTS, Introversion Software's follow-up title(IV also made Uplink - a hacking game).
Darwinia is a digital theme park populated by a native AI script called Darwinians. Most of Darwinia was completely overrun by Viral Infection. Dr Sepulveda - creator of Darwinia, is trying to clean the world. The story is poorly told but the game is pretty addictive. The music is great, graphics are definately STUNNING! Graphics are a mix of 2D models and 3D enviroment. The very big plus is modding abilities. Developers gave everything substantial to make a killing modification for Darwinia. You can change everything: models, textures, make and script your own maps, and even provide translations or add custom strings! That's amazing aspect of the game. It's an RTS you must have.