Time to save the Little Green Men

User Rating: 8 | Darwinia PC
Your main objective in this very different game, is to release the little green men from the evil viruses that lurk over the network of levels.
You begin by overlooking the plain of levels with lots of colours and light overhead, later you'll find out what that is for. You then click on your started level and your taken down to the landscape to begin ...
Using a fairly basic interface of mouse and some keys, you move around and accomplish simple task by moving you infantry into areas to kill the viruses, spiders, egg-layers etc, or build your engineers to collect the little red lights that are left behind and reprogram the different facilities around the land. You may even find a hidden blue cube that will give you something to add to your arsenal of weapons. Meanwhile the man in the white suit keeps telling you want to do and that he's researching different technologies to help fight the cause. Some levels with be just blasting, others will be control of the little green men to activate the machines.
But watch out the spiders, plants ,egg-layers like the little green men ... for lunch and your population will soon disappear, so you must keep an eye on your whole level. Commission new soldiers, make more engineers and gain control of the whole world. Plenty of levels to work through and I found it to be quite alot of fun. You won't find anything here that challenges your graphics cards but the fighting between the red and green men can tax your CPU sometimes. The music and sound effects are adequant for a game of the genre. Long Live the Little Green Men..