Fun but almost unplayable

User Rating: 4 | Darwin Project (Game Preview) XONE

Darwin Project is yet another battle royale type game to try to take advantage of the latest trend in gaming and surprisingly, It does a lot right. The map is small and features 8 zones, Which close one at a time until just one remains. And each match features 10 players at a time and a show director. Now the show director role, I really like and I think helps make this game unique. You can influence the game and make it easier or harder for players. You can warm them up (this is a winter environment after all), Give them wood to craft items, Close zones, Nuke a zone and so on so forth. It adds a nice twist to what otherwise would have been a lame battle royale game without it.

As for the gameplay, It's pretty straight-forward stuff. Crafting is easy and is done via inventory wheel. And the combat is kind of a simple button masher. You attack with an axe for close range and use a bow & arrow (if you craft the arrows) for ranged attacks. It's simple but it's fun. I have no real complaints about it. This game can be a ton of fun to play...if you can actually play it.

See what has plagued this game from launch is just bad online services. They're constantly kicking people out of games or even stopping the game from loading because the service is just so bad. It's almost unplayable at times. And it's gotten even worse now that it's free to play. There are so many more players on these already bad servers and it seems like I can't even play a game now without being lagged out and kicked off. It sucks, It really does because this can be a fun game to play if it weren't for that issue and it's a big freaking issue.

And another thing I am disappointed with is the lack of content. The cosmetic items (shirts, pants, etc.) are only obtained via levelling up and you only get one item per level up. There should be more ways to gain those items. And I don't know why they haven't bothered putting out a second or third map at this point. It's kind of repetitive playing the same map over and over again and for a game that has been out for so long, There's no reason for there not to be a new map added.

Overall: 4/10
Server issues and a severe lack of content since launch have ruined this game. It's virtually unplayable (even with the 2 recent patches) and it's grown pretty stale to play because they haven't added anything new since launch. This game is all but dead IMO. As someone who played it a good 30+ hours and bought it at launch, I wish they did more with it.