You just die all the time

User Rating: 2 | Darkwood (Early Access) PC

The game is really scary, everything in this game is scary. The characters you meet are weird and also scary. Very nice. But then you get killed, get killed, get killed, get killed, and get killed some more. Which is just frustrating and makes you feel like this game is not for your entertainment at all, but for...i don't know what. And every time you get killed weapons, torches and other items that deteriorate with use, deteriorate just because you got killed. Which means that you have to make more weapons, from wood and nails that you actually need to barricade your hideout with. repairing stuff? Good luck finding a repairkit! I have found 1. All the while the attacks on your hideout get heavier and you regret all those resources you needed to make planks with nails. If you like a really really scary game that is superhard to play, allright. For anyone else: Don't buy it.