Great game. Would get a 10 if it didn't start to get boring really fast.

User Rating: 8 | DarkStar One PC
The good :

Decent story. Father gets killed, you try to figure out who did it, twists and turns uncovering a more sinister plot.

Choose your own path.....sorta. The story progresses the same way no matter if you are a saint, or if the you are the devils right hand man. Be a cargo carrying merchant, or be a blood thirsty pirate. However you want to make money, its your choice.

Upgrade your ship. Save every penny you make to buy the best weapons and best modules for your ship and the enemy will never know what hit them. Lets you have a benefit for hard work.

Cool Graphics. Asteroids, nebula's, space stations, energy weapons. Beautifully done.

The bad :

Gets old really quick. Hop from one system to the next, get attacked by pirates...drop your cargo...kill pirates...pick cargo to trade station...sell goods, buy more...leave station. Rinse and repeat till you can fully upgrade your ship. Just so you can do it all again when your ship is experienced enough to upgrade again.

No way to skip text. I can read faster than an audio clip can run. Or just reloaded cause of a failed mission.Have to listen anyway.

Combat gets repetitive. You will be spending 90% of your time backing up and rotating to be able to face an enemy unless you have gone full agility.

No real variety in weapons. Your choices are, pew pew pew lasers. Turrets, which are simply automated pew pew pew lasers. And missiles which are just too limited. And then there's the ships very misleading "plasma cannon" which makes you think, "SWEET a super weapon." But no, its pretty much just defensive and disabling powers.

Mining lame. This is only a very small part and very optional part of the game but it was very disappointing. You can get a module that lets you shoot asteroids and they have a chance of dropping metals or crystals. However this chance is VERY low making it a very poor choice for making money. Smuggling is possibly THE best way to make money and you would spend less time reloading the game from failed smuggling attempts then making money from mining.

Overall a decent game. But the only thing that gets you to finish it is to finish the story. 8/10