Darkstalkers psp game. Review

User Rating: 8.5 | Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower PSP
I think this game is great, sure the moves are hard to pull of but the loading timed is not that slow actually. Anyway anybody who haves a psp should absolutely check this game out. And if you like 2d fighting games......................How can you say NOO. I´ts not perfect to the max but your busy with the game for a long time. I´t is a really good package and it´s like putting three dark-stalker games in one so you know what you are about to do as soon as you get in there with The Dark-stalkers. And if you haven´t heard of it, just watch som movies on you tube and you are going to notice that som crazy moves are worthy to do. There are 18 character to pick from and very good stages with good music that takes you back to the street fighter/capcom days. Maybe not the best game out there but for the psp. But one game that everybody should have.