Old school 2D fighter sports a great aesthetic but suffers a bit from the PSP's unwielding D-pad.

User Rating: 7.8 | Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower PSP
I love this franchise - the aesthetic blends humor and monster-movie characters brilliantly complete with a fantastic final boss. Oh, and lesbians.

A Darkstalkers game has never been so complete, with a lot of great variations you can add to the gameplay based on different combinations of factors from the Darkstalkers trilogy. A fantastic collection.

As the headline reads, though, the PSP's D-Pad is a bit unwieldy, so you're going to have a bit of a problem jumping forward or backward and executing special moves as fluidly as fans of the franchise may have been accustomed to in the days of Darkstalkers 3.

But it's a great package - it'd be the best 2D handheld fighter yet had it not been for the more recent Street Fighter Alpha 3. If you're today looking for a good fighter, I"d recommend SFA3, but if you've exhausted that, this is a fine game.