Darksiders is a game worth playing

User Rating: 8.5 | Darksiders PC
Darksiders bring you a world where you can enjoy the scenery while killing demons a. astonishing atmosphere adds up to the entertainment. And the enemies and bosses that you can kill are just a blast.
For this game is so varied, I try to separate it and talk about each part individually.
Driven by vengeance you are the horseman of the apocalypse who is accused of bringing an early end to the world. So the journey starts well. During your journey you meet demons, angels and even a guy from the "Great Ones". Azrael leads you to finding the reason of the early apocalypse. But sadly the ending is a bit regular: "Kill the bad guy and win" while it could have the player waiting for a sequel.
Combat: The game play is so huge in darksider. Thanks to All the moves you can perform and all the new weapons you can add to you arsenal. And even if one weapon has not many moves, it can be a lot of joy enchanting it with a unique enchantment. For instance "scythe" has few moves but you can add an enchantment to it that lets you collect more souls (currency in darksiders) and use "scythe" as a finishing weapon. When you access to your horse, you can have much fun riding it and killing your enemies. This is a little unsatisfying that you don't have your horse at the beginning of the game. Varied enemies add up to the joy of fighting. Sadly, the counter-system is not very powerful and all your enemies have a different pace of attacking which makes you unable of countering the attacks in a satisfying range.
Puzzle: One thing that Darksiders have been blamed for is its bad camera that sometimes makes solving puzzles a chore. While I admit the bad camera, I say a little mouse sensitivity configuration and a little practice can solve it. So basically I don't see any problem to that. Other than that the puzzles are so varied and none are that much hard to stop you. But some puzzles just take too long to get solved which may be good or bad. When you are tired of just fighting the enemies and killing demons, a puzzle (even if long) can be a great refresh. But normally the puzzles are continued by each other .

Soundtrack is very satisfying. But there are some sounds in some points of the game that don't help the enjoyment. For instance the sound used for solving puzzles is harsh while it could be light.
Even Pc version does not include much configuration for graphics and the absence of AA is very noticeable. But the overall graphic is just fine.