It´s a typically good hack & slash game

User Rating: 8.5 | Darksiders X360
Just finished Darksiders yesterday.

Darksiders is your typical hack and slash game with a "somewhat" compelling story and a lot to do once you immerse yourself in the game.

The gameplay is extremely fluid, War, the main character, have a good diversity of attacks and a lot of gadgets that help him accomplish his missions, even thou i wanted more attacks and more elaborated combos, i cannot stress myself that darksiders is a very complete game.

The collectibles can be a pain in the a!"# and may not be very helpful for the completion of the game, only if you are an achievement hunter (like me)

The graphics are also good but we all watched better.

I do not agree with the "emblem" - poor story -
even thou it´s not the best story of the world, with really compelling dialogues, great action sequences and lots of plot twists, i find the main idea real original as i never seen the horsemen in a video game before