The violence, demonic transformations. Make it soo cool.

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PS3
For starters of Darksiders, the action, the destruction, the horror, makes u be attached to the remot hours and hours, the demonic ideas implanted in the game where so awesome. You get to use multiple weapons, plus multiple combos adding more action, this is a great session of a violent game. The story is incredible, during it's advance you face big bosses, fix incredible demonic puzzles, with an big and awesome objective. The main character increases more the motivation to play, cause him beeping so aggressive and so mean it's useless to resist. Plus there on your way to the missions, my surprise was meeting is horse, so big and scary, there are to leveling mods for each of your weapons, and to make it even more stronger and with a cooler appearance you can implant enchantments. There are different kind of powers, one most cooler then other, the extremely long life gauge, and a lot of gear and equipment. If its your first time playing Darksiders you'll be soooooo stunned 'cause it's so amazing. This another of my reviews hope u liked it.