God of war perfect clone

User Rating: 7.5 | Darksiders PC
Just like GoW. Feels the same, has many weapons alike, even some movements...

(-GoW clone)
-Cool char design.
-The main control of the char is awesome.
-Many skills to learn.
-The fights are fast paced, interesting and challenging.
-Boss battles are a blast.
-Terrific voice acting and sound effects.
-Quite interesting storyline.
-Nice, low demanding graphics.

(-GoW clone)
-Although the main control is awesome, some mechanics seem absurdly complex. Such as aiming and throwing.
-Maps are way bigger than they should be. Wish it would be more compact and action packed.
-Some puzzles are stupid and time consuming, by the way.
-I just think these kind of games don´t fit into the puzzle style.
-Although there are many different enemies in the game, most of them feel alike. In fact, you could divide the enemy types in 3 big groups.
-More linear than it looks at first sight.
-Feels a little bit repetitive from time to time.

Still I think its a very interesting game. Addictive and cool-looking.

Recommended for every GoW style lover.