Not the best of stories, but great fun nonetheless!

User Rating: 9 | Darksiders X360
I'll start off with the negative: the storyline is not the best I've experienced so far. It starts out promising, but starts to drag after a few hours of gameplay. Somewhere in the middle I began asking myself what the main objective actually was. It seemed I was just visiting new locales, beating up angels and demons and working my way to yet another boss fight. The bigger picture can easily be lost while playing.

But then the positive, and oh, how manifold the positive is: great environments, fluent combat, immersive gameplay, large arsenal of weapons and nice boss fights.
Once you start playing, you really feel as if you ARE War, summoned to Earth to right the wrong and killing, slaying, eradicating all that stand in your way. Really, War looks and feels powerful. During fights (and the game world positively teems with them), you're always outnumbered but you never feel overpowered. Though most smaller fights are relative no-brainers, the mid-range ones are tougher and invite you to use tactics to finish them without loosing too much of your health. The nice thing about the game is that different kinds of monsters require different approaches to take them out, especially on higher difficulty settings.
Though the boss fights are not that difficult (the first one, Tiamat, excluded!!) they are great cinematic experiences and leave you satisfied once finished.

Another great thing is the gameplay itself: War responds fluently to the gamepad input and executes each movement perfectly. The arsenal of weapons at his disposal may be a bit large, but you'll soon find out you'll only use a small proportion of it regularly and never really get in trouble.

There still lots more I can say about the game, but my time is short now and I'll leave it at this.

Can't wait to play its successor!