A pinch of zelda, a touch of prince of persia, a dash of the bible = darksiders.

User Rating: 10 | Darksiders PC
As many of people have pointed out, this game is not original, but, what game truly is? Its got elements of zelda, metroid,prince of persia, god of war. But its all pulled off so well, and its just plain fun.

One of the complaints I hear people say about this game is its "too easy". And, one could say that. But it doesn't change the fact that the game is fun. Doing the game on the hardest setting ups the ante, but not by a significant amount. A game doesn't need to be headdesk frustrating to be a good game.

The only complaints about the game I have is

#1 Its a bit too short. Beat it on normal in about 10 hours. It is however fun and engaging enough that I then played it on "apocalyptic" and did all the achievements. So, if you do that, you'd get about 30 hours of play out of it.

#2 Controls at key times can be unresponsive. Sometimes when trying to jump off a ledge, it seems War(the main character) doesn't want to jump. And when mounting your horse, he seems to get right back off even though I didn't even hit a button :/.

#3 I know hes pissed for various reasons, and hes a horseman of the apocalypse. But does he need to be filled with SO MUCH angst? Tone it down for the sequel.

But, fun combat, interesting story, good game. Buy it if you can.