Vigil's easily beaten action packed goodness. -Graphics: 8.0 -Sound: 8.5 -Gameplay: 7.5

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders X360
Vigil's Darksiders is an interesting approach towards the action platforming genre, defined by sagas like God Of War and Devil May Cry, featuring fast-paced hack & slash action with large areas to explore and items to collect, different sets of incredibly well stringed combos and fluid animations, and behemoth sized bosses that will attempt to prevent your advance throughout the different areas.

Featuring the voice talents of Liam O'Brien, Mark Hamill and Phil LaMarr, Darksiders' story centers around War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who, along with his brothers, form sort of law enforcement squad from the Charred Council, an entity whose sole purpose is to maintain the balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell. In between there's mankind that, unaware of the existence of these forces, suddenly begins to fall in a catastrophic end-war. Soon after, in the midst of this conflict, our hero is sent to punish those responsible for starting this war to later realize he has been betrayed and falls back into the underworld.

Weakened by his defeat, War returns to earth after having a deal with the council. This is when our game truly begins.

Primarily, the gameplay system is fairly simple, shared with the aforementioned titles in the introduction, War can run, dash, block and shred his enemies with a well rounded arsenal of weapons and spells, while also being able to pick up certain objects from the environment and hit his enemies with them, or even throw them, causing major damage early in the game. After an enemy has been weakened enough, War can execute it by only pressing B, and, just like in God of War, its finishing moves shine in quality. Some weaker enemies can be instantly grabbed and killed (zombies) with the same button, with no need to attack them directly.

While advancing further in the game we will unlock different and more powerful moves and spells with souls (remember red orbs?) that will gradually make War more powerful, while also finding secret chests that increase our health and energy (wrath). These are not affected by our difficulty level we choose to play in (easy, normal, apocalyptic). Since we're a horseman, later on (and very, very later on unfortunately) we get to have our own horse (Ruin), which seemingly used to be War's before he was defeated. We won't be able to mount it in every area, only in outdoors, in some areas.

And that's our main issue, Difficulty. Darksiders is such an easy game to beat veterans from action platformers will take less than 12~14 hours to beat in the hard skill setting. Bosses aren't too hard once the player has figured their attack patterns and most early to mid tier enemies usually attack only once with little power, while late tier foes may string up to 4-hit combos and the bigger ones hit hard enough in a single blow, but have very predictable moves that can be easily dash-countered. Even the final boss can be defeated without mounting Ruin.

Our second, most unfortunate issue is replayability. Darksiders has little to none replayability, if we can call that farming souls for completing our skill/move sets. After the final boss has been beaten, there's only credits to scroll.

In spite of these few but important flaws, Darksiders is a game worth playing, definitely. You can download it for $20 in XBLA and it really gives a bang for your buck. I don't recommend it for those who seek a real challenge, this game definitely isn't among the likes of games like Ninja Gaiden II.