Very BORING, the bright side is i got rid of it!!!!

User Rating: 4.5 | Darksiders PS3
When I used the word 'Bright Side' to Darksiders there really isn't anything bright about it. Abysmal level design, graphically under average, and an uninspired story that just boasts meaningless mayhem. Sadly I expected so much more from this game but hardly disappointed. This game just doesn't compare to other games in its genre.

The first thing i noticed was how weak the story was. Game design was done pretty well but the controls only create havoc. Environments seemed way too linear and flat and the detailing was absent. if this game manages to have a sequel, they would iron that out. The game was spoiled as soon as I opened the first orb chest; it reminded so much of another game thats WAY BETTER!!!

Take a look to the left of your screen when you read this and I guarantee you will see a game thats better. b EZ