fighting heaven and hell at the same time what more can you ask for?

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PS3
ok one of my pals told me about this game so i had some money so i went out and got it and to be honest it wasn't all i expected it to be..

#1 huge map!

#2 combos are fun and for the most part pretty simple.

#3 war looks badass!

#4 good array of weapons.

#5 instant kills are epic and fun to execute.

#6 the option to lock on to an enemy makes it feel almost like a cinematic.XD

#7 some really challenging moments O_O.


#1 feels like a's not.

#2 some bosses are just plain retarded.

#3 same enemies over and over again..just diffrent paint options.

#4 the game is so confusing sometimes you may find yourself running over to the computer looking for walkthoughs. ( only on 1 part!!)

#5 no plot whatsoever! ( here it is: free samual, get the 3 hearts of the chosen and then go into the black palace and confront the destroyer.)

#6 $30.00 is asking a lot.

#7 some of the weapons are dissapointing..

#8 {sometimes} the frame rate gets slow.

#9 some of the enemies feel boss-worthy.

#10 some moments feel like making you say "they can't be serious".
bonus: very short 1-10 hours tops. (1-6 hours if you use walkthoughs. 5 secs with walkthoughs and multiple plays.)

ok so it's not the best game out there..but for the good stuff i used core stuff while i broke it down for bad stuff..that's why it's shorter..but it's a fun game and you wanna play it again but you can't push yourself to do so..but anyway it's a good game but im trying to get it a good rating without really bashing it..but for the most part i enjoyed it but i wouldn't say it's my favorite..short story GOOD GAME BUT NOT THE BEST .(let's hope the sequel is good.)