Darksiders is a mixture of God of War,DMC,n many other games,yet somehow it sucks you in the epic adventure of WAR.

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PS3
When i started the game,i felt a bit down(especially after viewing d intro movie n then comparing it with d real visuals of d game) cause WAR(one of d 4 riders n d protagonist in this game)seemed a mix of Dante n Kratos and also,the combat was supremely simple n a bit boring in the beginning,,the visuals were also not impressing,,but as i moved on,,the game got better in all respects and later on it was pretty interesting and fun 2 play,,,i actually got a bit addicted after entry into Badlands,,,n frustrated in the Black Throne missions,,,but overall Darksiders was an awesome experience,,it was certainly inspired from certain renowned games,,but has it's bits which make the journey of WAR worth playing!!!!!!!!

STORY-A bit down story,,but good for a game that focuses on puzzles n combat,,the plot is definitely good,but not described like it should b(given the length of d game).

Combat-Frustrating at first,,but superb after u update your abilities.WAR has got a lot of moves(attacking as well as defensive n counters).Combat with RUIN(his horse) is equally enjoyable.Boss Fights are thrilling as many a times they require a bit thinking rather than going-beat 'em up....Chaos Mode is superb(as was in God Of War).Some bosses are though easier than other enemies n overall none is difficult to beat on any difficulty.

Graphics-Look cheap in the beginning areas,,but as u prosper u will realize that they get beautiful.Distinct environments are fun to explore(although these are a bit restricted).

Characters-Not powerful enough,,WAR looks definitely cool but d NPCs r not designed with heart(may b cause they weren't on d screen for a long time)

Puzzles-In the 1st 10-12 chapters puzzles r non-bothering,,u can easily crawl across them,,but they become difficult once u reach "The Black Throne"(the stage where u have 2 free that winged angel by getting electricity).It's also the biggest chapter of d game n can b a real pain in the a**.Afterwards the game return to it's usual mode.

Overall Darksiders is a game worth playing.If u do love roaming around,killing bada**es,solving puzzles it's for u.

P.S.-If u hate God Of War Series or Devil May Cry (impossible) u should avoid it!!!!!!!!