Return to the Darkside.

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PS3
i'm borrowing a friend's PS3 right now and playing through some games he thought i should play. The first one is Darksiders. It's an action-rpg where you play as a horseman of the apocalypse, War, on his quest to clear his name. He's being wrongfully accused of having caused Armageddon.
You fight your way through the desolated streets of a destroyed, hell-infested city. There's zombies, demons, skeletons and the likes and combat is mainly button mashing, with some combos and secondary weapons thrown in the mix. You'll have to defeat four giant monsters to be granted access to the tree of knowledge where you hope to learn what really caused Armageddon. These 4 monsters each have there own dungeon, filled with puzzles and traps and treasures to find. Much like the "Legend of Zelda" games, which is this game's main influence.
The game has a nice pacing, there's lots to find and collect and it's not too difficult to find out where you should go. War is also a very cool character. the puzzles and boss battles are not as good as the sequel, darksiders 2, which was a much longer game. The soundtrack is also not as good. These are things they have approved upon in the sequel. However, because this game is much shorter and the story is more engaging it feels more like an adventure.
i'm glad i got to play the fist game in this very cool series and hopefully there'e 'll be a part 3. The darksiders series have always had a great artstyle, that could really benefit from the new generation of consoles like the Wii U!