Darksiders review

User Rating: 7.5 | Darksiders X360
In a story about War a horseman dishonored and stripped of his powers you are put into an excellent hack and slash action-adventure game that is quite fun.
Darksiders is an excellent game playing a war you hack and sash your way through an apocalyptic world fighting boses and solving puzzles. this game has great production values, the graphics make the gme look beautiful, the voice acting is spot on. For the most part the story is good, it can get a little confusing at times, and i was surprised from a few things i learned. Darksiders has many weapons and magic powers all of them are badass and have diffwrent uses for the games style. the level designs for the majority of the game are good.....until i got to the black throne that level design ruined the game if you haven't played darksiders you will undersand when you pick it up. Darksiders took me 12 hours to finish that's very long for the average game these days. i also wanted to note that sometimes the controls are unresponsive but it's not that bad. Overall Darksiders is a excellent game. was it worth the $60 price tag, no i say rent it most likely you wont want to play it after you beat it once. final score 7.5/10