A comparable game to the God of War series, with some innovations in puzzle-solving and unlockables!

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PC
Once you play Darksiders for an hour, you naturally have to compare it to God of War, with its similar combat moves, level of violence (yanking off wings from angels) and puzzle-solving techniques. Some of you may be shouting "Rip-off!" but once you've played long enough, you'll realise the sincerity of the game through its integrity in game-world interactions, via innovations in a great arsenal of puzzle-solving tools, player engagement through rewarding explorations and increasing sense of character power through the resulting unlockables.

The plot itself and the theme is a little too morbid in my perspective though, as it takes place on Earth (what's left of it), where in the wake of the apocalypse as depicted in the slick opening cinematics, humans are reduced to negligible health snacks for our protagonist, rendering the game experience a bit depressing after a while. This is unlike Kratos in God of War, where his inner struggle with his wife and brother makes him more "human", thus a more likeable character than War in Darksiders.

However, Darksiders proved to be a brutally satisfying game that feeds any blood-thirsty gamer well, and the scaleable difficulty levels are friendly to newcomers and can be challenging to veterans as well.