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User Rating: 7 | Darksiders PS3

Darksiders isn’t far from having faults, nevertheless Darksiders offers a good solid adventure that will sure to entertain in some way. A lengthy campaign filled with interesting environmentally puzzles, and a satisfyingly solid combat system. Darksiders proves potential for what looks like a good series to come.


  • Genre(s): Action – Adventure – Hack N' Slash
  • Age Rating: 15 +
  • Contents: Violence
  • Difficulty: Challenging



  • Good combat system
  • Good sound design
  • Plenty of puzzles
  • Lengthy single player campaign


  • Awkward linear area camera views
  • Repetitive mini boss fights
  • Ruin (War's Horse) is limited in the game.

***** REVIEW *****

You play War, the first of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Earth has turned into ruin as Judgment Day in upon us. War is deceived by the forces of evil into ending the World of Man before its destined time. War has been given one chance to salvage his honour and punish the guilty.

As the story unfolded, War will travel through different locations punishing his enemies with no mercy and will spot at nothing to restore order and balance. As War you much fight your way through the destroyed streets and cities on earth, fighting demons and angels alike.

The overall presentation surrounding Darksiders is indeed interesting; great level design and atmosphere that gives a great sense of exploration. Combat is fun and the puzzle solving are satisfying. Darksiders is a satifying game, but in amongst it's satisfying moments, there are some tedious moments as well.

Darksiders overall looks great in it's visual design. Character modelling look more cartoony, and rather dull (especially when close up), but the in-games environment, surrounds and special effects are really impressive indeed.

Just think of any good traditional Hack n' Slash game and you'll have a great understanding to what the gameplay is like. Darksiders emulate it's gameplay with other great Hack n' Slash games before it. Whilst it may not be the best, it does a great overall job with its gameplay, and combat system. 20-30% of your gameplay time will be spent in combat, whilst rest of your time will be spent on solving puzzles, environmental problem solving, and "or" just trying to see where or what you've to do next.

The gameplay can be both fun and enjoyable, but also challenging at the same time. Darksiders is not an easy game, and it's certainly not a game that will go easy on you. More often the none, the game may throw you a difficult environmental puzzle here and there that could last you a few hours of problem solving. Some puzzle require weapons and sub weapons in order to proceed, but if you don't have the patients to explore and observe the environment and surrounding you are in, Darksiders can indeed unlock your inner rage.

Throughout your play through, you (War) only really have one primary weapon… your sword. As you get father into the game, you will unlock additional weapons to aid you in battle such the Harvester; that resembles Death's scythe, Mercy; a firearm of the horseman, and the Void Walked; that resembles a portal gun. Each weapon (as well as War's abilities) can be upgraded from a demon merchant called 'Vulgrim'. Vulgrim can be seen throughout your travels. Upgrading your weapons and abilities require souls, and the only way to get souls is by killing demons, angles, and any other enemies and bosses you come across in the game. Most of the upgrades are quite expensive, but as you near the end, you'll have enough souls to make War an unstoppable war machine.

There are several locations you'll travel to throughout the game and as you get farther, you'll unlock Ruin; War's trusty steed. As cool as it is riding Ruin as you hack and slash your enemies, Ruin is somewhat limited in the game, which is a bit of a downfall.

The boss fights in the game are rather fun. Some require problem solving (and some bosses may even be quite tricky), but it is overly satisfying when you do beat a boss fight.

Darksiders does suffer from minor frame rate and slow down problems, awkward camera view when in linear areas, repetitive mini boss fights so, if you can look past these faults, you'll find and overall fun game.

Darksiders should last you about 15 hours or more on your first play through. While there is no multiplayer feature, Darksiders offers a good lengthy single player campaign with great hidden items and exploration. Most of your time will be spent on environmental puzzles and problem solving.

Darksiders is definitely a good to what looks like a good series to come. It does have a long way to go though.

Vigil have emulated most of their ideas from other games. Instead of just feeling like i've done this before, i felt good doing it again. The whole game reminded me of other games in the past, but i think Vigil definitely did a great job at taking great ideas, and making something great with it themselves. Darksiders is a great game that I myself enjoyed very much. As much as i did enjoy it, i did feel the plot line was rather rushed.

Darksiders is far from being a perfect game, but just because its not perfect doesn't mean the game should be ignored. The game does have it's flaws (every game does), but it's not enough to deprive you from the game, or deprive you from enjoying it. It may not be something everyone will enjoy, but fans of the genre should as least give the game a try.

Overall Darksiders is a surprisingly good game. If you like Hack n' Slash action adventure games, and games that feature puzzles and problem solving'… Darksiders is game you should definitely check out. Or at least rent.


  • Story – 6/10
  • Life Value – 7/10
  • My Thought Score – 8.5/10


  • Presentation – 7/10
  • Graphics – 8/10
  • Game-Play – 7/10
  • Sound Design – 7/10
  • Originality – 6/10


Darksiders review by Simon a.k.a. [TheDevilDweller]