This game is Legendary!

User Rating: 9.5 | Darksiders X360
The words I will use to describe this game are the following:

Adventurous, New, Original, Great, Heroic and totally Amazing.

For Xbox 360 and PS3 owners own personal "Zelda" style game.
This game takes my breath away. I have been waiting for a game that stays so fresh, has a great story line and that introduces a great combat system too. I was simply stunned by how to play this game, it really is all the fun (the gore and gameplay of god of war + devil may cry) of what you expect from the preview introductions. The "Zelda" based things are more or less the targeting system, how you can dodge the enemies attack that way and how the game is full of Dungeons. I nearly completed the first Temple which took me more than an hour to finish on normal mode. Like in Zelda, you get s special item from each of them. I will not spoil anything by revealing what they are, but they are definitly unique and a lot of fun to use in or out of combat.

The graphics look amazing, especially inside dungeons is where the graphics look best and is where it really shines. By now I havent found a glitch or anything that could be called as faulty.

The only "bad" thing for me is when you are hanging on a ledge or a cut in the wall and try to run around a corner. I have been having difficulties getting around because of the camera but this is so minor that it does not count for someting major.

I love this game, I am sure this game will be replayed once its finished.

Thank you THQ/Vigil Games for releasing this big hit at the start of the year and thank YOU for reading my review. I hope you enjoeyed reading it as much as I enjoeyed writing it.

God Bless ^^