Darksiders is an amazing adventure/Beat em up game, that is hampered by some bad mechanics but still a great game.

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders X360
First things first I will start with the little details before I go into the game as a whole. The graphics are great, nothing too special, but for what they are, they look pretty damn good, The controls are not bad but as I mentioned in my opening sentence is hampered by bad mechanics, The style of the beat em up segments are used of that in Zelda, It's basically Z targeting and it works well for the most part, or at least on the offense side, but when it comes to the defense, the only defense you have is to dodge and when you do it never goes the direction you want and War will stop dead in his tracks after he does his dash making you susceptible to more hits from your enemy. So the controls arent completley bad just could have used a little more work on them. The navigation is really good they have a map with a yellow circle on it that you follow to tell you where to go, simple and to the point of where to go I love when games do that. The temples(or whatever there supposed to be called) are done beautifully, they are very well laid out, as you progress you will not get lost because the way the temples were developed, as you move from one spot to another spot as long as you do the puzzles the right way it will always take you the place you want to go and that's probably the best thing about this game is the level designs of the temples.

Everybody seems to think that this game is like Zelda and God Of War and they are right they are very similar most of the dungeons are designed like the temples in Zelda, and many concepts are taken from God of War for instance the health, wrath, and the soul system, and I like that about this game. The boss battles are outstanding in this game, every single one is just really good and memorable. Just like in Zelda you get a health power up after every dungeon also, which is nice, cause you are going to need them, and this brings me to another point that bothered me about this game and that is the difficulty it's scattered throughout the whole game in the wrong way. Difficulty should come in slowly and allow you to power up through the game and start to gradually get harder, and the difficulty on this game is just not right as you get to certain parts even in the beggining of the game they will be impossible to beat it's just a piss off, why couldnt they have just used that near the end. Another thing that made me irritated, with this game was the Filler or some call it padding, there is just so much throughout each temple they just throw in a bunch of enemys just to make the game longer and at the end of the game you must collect 7 shards of a sword, and it's not hard, it's just not fun and it's used as nothing more than filler. Also the climbing in this game is pretty bad, it just seems like war always wants to commit suicide when he is climbing because the controls are lazy on climbing segments.

Other then these flaws in the game through it's actually really good the dungeons are laid out perfectly I mean really good, unless you do something really wrong you will never not know where to go with this game. The Voice acting in this game is also another really strong point in this game it's excellent and you will come to enjoy War more as a character because of it. The story isn't to facinating though, I didn't think it was bad, but for me I wasent too excentric about it. The power ups were great and I liked how they set them up, as you use those certain items more they will power up and you can buy new moves also, just a fun part to the game
Overall if your looking for Darksiders to diffrentiate itself from Zelda, or God of War you going to be dissapointed, but for what Darksiders is in itself, you will really enjoy this game if you are into a beatem up, puzzlesolving type of game. Most of the aspects in this game are done right and are worth a play so if you are looking into this one I would say go for it.