A fun and enjoyable hack'n slash adventure even though if it overstays its welcome.

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders PS3

This is a Hack'n Slash game starring WAR, one of the legendary four horsemen of the apocalypse. A mishap causes Earth to be ravaged by war between heaven and hell and WAR is betrayed in the event resulting him to go on a quest for revenge and find the truth about the betrayal.

The narrative was cliched and felt like your typical hack'n slash scenario. I still liked the whole premise though. WAR itself was a decent character to helm and he was voiced by the same actor who voiced Gaara in Naruto, so that was awesome. Along our journey, we meet several characters, some were good and well acted.

The game pulls a God of War II at the beginning, stripping our hero of all of his godly powers and leaving him as a weak, broken being. We go on a long quest to regain the power, slowly, and ultimately take revenge. Seems kinda a familiar doesn't it. Well, the game HEAVILY borrows from God of War franchise, and I do mean that. You'll be reminded of that franchise throughout. Which isn't to say it is a bad thing, it does a pretty good job of copying it and creating a good and enjoyable experience.

The gameplay consists of solving puzzles, some platforming reminiscent of prince of persia games, and lots and lots of tearing down demons and angels alike. The combat starts out pretty barren, but fun nonetheless. As you progress through the game, you achieve new items and weapons. You can buy abilities and combos to enhance your combat. The feeling of progress was pretty great. You slowly but surely start to feel like a powerful being, what WAR truly is. The combat however was restricting. Only one button for the main weapon for attack, which restricted combos and versatility a lot. Secondary weapons also had only one button for attack.

The boss battles were a mixed bag. Some were pretty good and fun while others were too easy and disappointing. The final boss especially felt like a pushover instead of being a force to be reckon it. The lambs for the slaughter, the usual grunts were great and varied a lot. During the final areas, some of them got really strong and added a bit of challenge.

The game featured TONS and TONS of puzzles and stuff to solve and find out a way but disappointingly, all were very straight forward and easy to solve. Maybe they should have spend less time creating more puzzles and more time making them more challenging. Quality over quantity.

The game also overstayed its welcome. It was just too long and started to drag a lot. The repetitiveness factor was too much due to the increased length. Took me about 14 hours to finish it and if they could have removed 4 hours and just lame puzzle stuff for a more streamlined pacing and adventure, it would have been a lot more fun to play.

Regardless of the drag, the game ended up being a great hack'n slash game. Can't wait to try out its sequel and play as DEATH!!