User Rating: 10 | Darksiders PC

its amazing game and cool game i love it very much there are peoples say thats its bad game and there are people say thats its cool but i say that its a cool game its about aliens come to the earth and there is one horsemen come to help the earth from the aliens i have it for my pc and for my ps3 there is 6 bosses i think but its better than darksiders 2 and god of war 1 and 2 but not better than 3 and 4 i love darksider like god of war and god of war 4 (ascension) i have god of war 3 and 4 for my ps3 and i idvise u to buy darksider 1 not 2 but darksiders 2 its very good but i say that darksiders 1 is better than darksider 2