Get Death's Blessing Enchantment EARLY

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Hi Guys. I just found out something awesome about the legendary enchantment Death's Blessing. It is one of the best but comes very late in the game. That has always been its drawback. Well I found a way to get the item LONG before that. Just after you get the voidwalker for the first time and after defeating the 1st guardian in Black Throne and redirecting the beam to the angel's room you can go back to the Scalding Gallows. just go back the way and you will find the portal to the scalding Gallows at the south from where you came there. After you go back to Scalding Gallows u can just go north to the tunnel, and get the enchantment using the voidwalker. then u can get back to samael's prison and take the portal back to the Black Throne. This way you get the enchantment LONG before and get to use it for a long time, throughout Black Throne, eden and so on. Just wanted to share with you. Share it with others.