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I downloaded the game from XBL and I noticed it takes forever to load. Sometimes, the screen stays blank until I press the guide button. Then, it's like doing so was a "reminder" that it was suppose to load the game. I have to hit the guide button, and the THQ logo finally comes up. Then, when it gets to the title/press start screen, when I press start, the screen freezes. Again, it seems I have to hit the guide button for it to prompt me to select the storage device I want to use, then the game will finally start. Is it a technical issue in game itself (at least the games-on-demand version), or did something **** up while it was downloading? I will make mention there was a rather nasty thunderstorm, that evening (whilst it was downloading).

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I've just downloaded it myself and noticed there are a couple wonky things with the menu. It freezes and such. I wonder if we tried reinstalling it?