Darksiders or...

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I just got Darksiders. I'm not very far - I have to get Tiamat's heart - and I like it... but I was wanting something more RPGish. I've played Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, etc, and I loved those games. I've heard that Dark Souls is RPG-like? Anyway, I was wondering what you folks recommended, or I should just stick with this. 

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Dark Souls/Demon's Souls. Action game with more of an RPG element. Fallout 3. Deus Ex: HR
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I suggest to continue with this, I had bought this game since release, i recently played/finished it 3 days ago :), For my surprise it had a very good story, If you like some fiction stories, continue with this game, it will be worth ur while. My regret for not playing it 3 years ago..

Edit: just noticed it was a year ago, damn i am still not accustomed to the new forums layout, sorry for bumping this.