Almost as bad as the original

User Rating: 2 | Darksiders III XONE

Darksiders 3 obviously takes a more Dark Souls style approach this time around. Instead of the typical hack and slash style combat, It features combat that is more focused on evading enemy encounters, dodging and pick your attacks. This new style of combat will treat you to a lot of annoyingly cheap deaths as you play it. And what certainly doesn't help is how frustrating the camera can be during these encounters. As the Gamespot review highlighted, Locking onto enemies does more harm than good when facing a group of enemies and the camera seems to move erratically when platforming. It's frustrating, annoying and a real let down for me. And it most certainly doesn't help that the platforming is really awkward to begin with.

Now, there was a second "classic" style gameplay option added in a patch. I honestly noticed no real difference in the gameplay. Also, The annoying difficulty curve is beyond frustrating. Even on the easiest difficulty, You'll still find yourself dying again and again. It really irks me. I am also not a fan of how they stripped the RPG elements from the last game, such as different rarities/levels of weapons and armour. That actually helped make Darksiders 2 worth exploring and takes away the incentive to make me explore Darksiders 3.

So weak gameplay aside, Let's talk about the story. You play as Fury and she is on a mission to collect the 7 deadly sins. Don't be impressed though, The boss fights are fairly uninspired and lack any real challenge. I've died far more getting to the bosses than while facing them. Fury is a solid character though but there just isn't enough to really craft the world around her. And what kind of surprises me is their decision to not include side missions but rather offer a fairly linear story. Adding side missions to these massive areas would have provided much-needed depth that this game desperately needed.

Other things to note: There is a noticeable lag at times, the game does freeze and the design of the game lacks variety. Although the game looks fine visually, those are things that take away from this aspect of the game.

Overall: 2/10
The inconsistent difficulty curve, awkward camera and frustrating platforming make for a very disappointing game. Darksiders 2 was a template of where this series should go and they scrapped it for the exact same issues that plagued the original game. It was the polar opposite of what everyone wanted and it well deserved the criticism that it got.