What is this Game?

User Rating: 5 | Darksiders II PC
I'm not really sure what to make of this game, you spend most of your time wandering through dungeons that challenge you with sometimes frustrating puzzles and pit you against enemies seemingly at random. The game seems to be stuck in between the fighting and puzzle genre, making it extremely bipolar. One second your fighting for your life to kill hordes of enemies the next figuring out just how to open the next damn door.
The story is extremely hard to follow if you haven't played the first game, making it almost impossible to just play Darksiders II. The opening intro provides some background into your character Death (one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse) but provides the player with very little reason to care about him and contains far too much confusing and long winded dialogue. Your first mission teaches you all the controls and commands to play the game, and if you missed something too bad you have to play the whole level over again to figure it out. Once you leave the first mission the game never again offers you a hint or suggestion, this seems like a good idea because in most games the hints are just plain annoying but I would prefer to have the option of enabling or disabling them myself.
The controls are also very strange, the default button to open your inventory/map/skills/etc. is the 'O' button. Great but its really out of place and not all that common of a shortcut. Sometimes the game seems to be unable to tell what you want it to do, when firing the gun sometimes you have to hold down the middle mouse button and sometimes it fires when you click the button.
Other than the finicky controls, and bipolar genre; the game is really great. The graphics are beautiful and the worlds are really well thought out. The puzzles although difficult are simple enough if you can keep all of the possible controls in mind and the combat is fun though sometimes tiring.
Its a good game, its just difficult to figure out.