Very impressive and very addictive

User Rating: 9 | Darksiders II X360
I am very close to the end game and have to say that I am impressed. Its the second game in trilogy if i am not wrong and it is improved a lot from the first game, Very heavy atmosphere as it should be because its the game involved with Death, War's brother from first game. Story is impressive and very lengthy which is perfect as the game is very epic and people would find it very entertaining. Lot of weapons and skills to chose from, puzzles to solve, things to collect and above Dialogue acting is Superbly done,especially Deaths' voice acting is impressive as I said before the whole game revolves around Death and he looks mind blowing and his actions speaks for itself. I mean the game is a mixture of combat, leveling up, finding or collecting loot which I am a great fan of. Any one who has played God of War, Devil may cry, Onimusha should try this as well. Very epic game and very well presented.