Darksiders II is Naughty Donkey!

User Rating: 10 | Darksiders II X360
While I'm far from really getting into the "nitty-gritty" of Darksiders II, I can already tell that it's an amazing game. I know most will not share my opinion, but I felt the same way about the first Darksiders as well! I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle elements of the first one, so I really don't agree with all the gripes people had with the puzzles and/or game play. Pros and cons can be said about the comparisons of both games, just as any game being compared to another. I have heard in these reviews about both Darksiders, about comparisons to games such as "God of War", "The Legend of Zelda", etc. Come on, just because a different game has epic-sized bosses or similar puzzles, doesn't make it an automatic rip-off of another game! The new looting aspect of Darksiders II is a welcome addition to the already stellar game play, I guess Vulgrim grew weary of selling his items for souls, so he switched over to good ol' gold!