A great sequel that was well worth the wait.

User Rating: 10 | Darksiders II X360
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"As you can see in this Darksiders 2 trailer, Death is out to redeem his brother, who was blamed for starting the Apocalypse in Darksiders. Doing this takes Death through various corrupted and undead worlds, where he has to complete other people's tasks and fight demons along the way. We're currently playing through Darksiders 2 for review right now, so expect to see our positive analysis of the game as soon as we finish the epic storyline."

Expect to spend 20+ hours completing this game on apocalyptic difficulty. Tons of intricate puzzles, massive dungeons, and a great variety of enemies.

Combat system is very well done, massive upgrade from DS1.

Massive variety/assortment of armor/weapons will keep even the most hardcore players busy for hours on end.

Addition of The Crucible allows for additional challenges and ties in enemies from various parts of the game.

Large amount of side quests and easter eggs will keep players busy as well as the ability to enter NG+