Get hit once, die, and game won't let you progress.

User Rating: 5.5 | Darksiders II X360
You can't go back in the game and pick a save point. I fought a boss, hit him 100 times, got hit each time had to use Heath packs for each hit.. Game over, too cramped, game hits you when it want too. You only option is to start the whole game over. For me it was very frustrating, and limited. Way too many buttons for simple tasks, lots of falling and re climbing. I am not allowed by the game to play it any longer and was fighting with it the whole time and was not enjoying myself. Too frustrating and not fun. Anyone wants this game I'm giving it away. I have desire to start this frustration and cheap gimmicks over again.. You have to use several buttons just to navigate the uninformative, convoluted menu when they could have just used the thumb-stick.

I specifically disliked the combat. You could do any move but the game will hit you when it wants too. 100 hundred hits might do no damage , but you get hit once, die and restart , felt cheap to me.

Sorry THQ.?.