Wasn't a big fan of Darksiders 1

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As you can tell from the topic, I wasn't a big fan of the first game. I thought it felt god of warish (not that is a completly bad thing) and the story felt bland to me. For anyone who has played this, Do you think I will like this one? It seems like it could be more in depth then the last one. No idea how this story holds up. Thanks.

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I have the same dilemma.. The whole mythology of darksiders didn't really appeal to me and the combat/graphics looks like a washed down westernised version of Devil may cry or God of War. This is purely from gameplay clips and darksiders 1. Can anyone make a recommendation?

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I didn't like the first game. Took too long to get interesting, didn't like the combat and level design much. Darksiders 2 is very similar but the the gameplay, for me, is way better. It just feels more polished. It starts at the right pace, the levels/locations are great, the puzzles are better, the combat feels more fluid, almost no backtracking, you are not forced to make stupid challenges to progress etc. I would definitely give it a try.

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I didn't like the first one, but still decided to buy this one last saturday since I'm waiting for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Guess what I totally love this one. The puzzle and combat is way better. The weapons are also great. You should definitely give it a try.
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I liked the first Darksiders but this one is just plain old boring.

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DS2 is more polished and lost few specific combat details that made the first one more chalenging. But for me it made more fun to play. Wheres War was a drama queen Death is a cinical witch. He'll **** about having to do jobs for npc's but will still do it since without the seal he is as scary to others as a little cute animal. I'm so far in the second world and so far the only time Death showed whos the top dog was in the begining. That aside I greatly enjoy the game. The story is not bad and definetly keeps me entartained. The loot system is awesome. And in battle controls are very responsive, too bad they not as good during wall climbing which by the way takes atleast 40% of any dungeon. If you buy for console I advise to buy new. Crucible is awesome.


So if you want a more polished game then the original with enough loot to make diablo green with envy,then buy it. If not. Well I'm not going to cry about it.

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I liked the first Darksiders but this one is just plain old boring.


I absolutely agree with you, the first game was much bether.