Unintended consequences, hidden attributes

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OK, it looks like there are a number of things (don't know how many) that are aspects of certain items/abilities that are simply a part of the game but not mentioned or explained in detail. For example: Frenzy: At the end of the City of the Dead when fighting the boss (Soul-Eater or something), I'd reduced it's health down to a very small amount and figured I'd finish off the bastard with Frenzy (wherein a bunch of souls erupt from Death and pass through the enemies, all doing damage). When -sonofaf#cker - the boss actually ATE all the soul projections and refilled it's health bar by half! It shocked the crap out of me and I freakin' loved it. It actually makes sense in the mythos of the game, hah! Black Demise: special ability (Black Heart) also negates all wrath potion refills. I'd seen this in the game but never made the connection. I always just figured that my wrath potion, used but not refilled, some power of the boss I was fighting to negate it's use, or possibly just a glitch. Turns out, it's not a glitch, it's intentional. Achidn's Fangs: special ability (Searing Venom) also enable your scythes to steal health if it's selected as your secondary weapon. Hot damn that's cool! Supposedly there're more legendary weapons that have abilities that spill over. I'd like to know if anyone has caught more of these less-obvious (if not actually hidden) aspects of the game or know of any spill-over abilities in other weapons?