This level is ruining a great game....SPOILERS

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This game has been great up till the Earth stage. The relentless creatures are annoying and give you no time to breath, and take off way to much power. Up until this point, I was enjoying the game. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but this level is ruining the game for me. Anybody else run into this? Also I have been playing the game with auto collect off cause I ike to pick and choose what I want. This level forces you to have it on cause you have to drop the gun to pick up anything or open chests.

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I have been playing this game for a while now. Have to say that I love it. The only thing that I don't like about this game is that the combat can get cheap at times where enemies just won't stop hitting you. They won't give you any room to breathe. My only advise is to use the crow ability and to use a weapon that can fill your health while in battle.
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I didn't particularly love the level, but I enjoyed it and didn't really have any problems.

Are you using any possessed weapons on that level? If you haven't been leveling up possessed weapons, I highly recommend it, for they really help in areas like this. I always make sure that my possessed weapons do elemental damage (I prefer fire and Inferno), but I also make sure they have stats like health on crit and health on kill, and I try to add stats that increase the crit chance for the weapons. Usually I gain health on every 3-5 hits. I also level up my crow wrath abilities to the max, and the murders of crows will give you health and potentially freeze your enemies, slowing them down. I noticed that the enemies of this "dungeon" do drop quite a few health potions, but with my possessed weapons, if it was just waves of the fast enemies, I could quickly restore my health just by fighting them off with my possessed weapons and crows.

You've probably already noticed, but any time you hear the horn, a new wave of enemies arrives. If you see one of the glowing exploding demons, shoot them down first, focussing on scatter shots. Keep running and dodging backwards until it explodes, and it will take out any of the hoard nearby. Then mow down the little guys. Rarely do enemies spawn from behind you when the horn sounds, so as soon as you've heard the horn, retreat to an area you have cleared out. If you can, put a wall to your back and force the enemy to come through hallways or other narrow parts. This method takes quite a bit of time, but your chances of survival are far greater.

I was also at about level 18-19 and had earned about 3 additional skill points by selling relics to Ostegoth, so I might have had an easier time than others. But I can see where this level COULD be annoying. I hope this helps.