Stuck on Shaman's Quest

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Hello I've very recently started the game and I have a problem with the Shaman's Quest I was given. I talked to said Shaman and talked to Karm for the very first time (exhausted all dialog options) and told me to kill the stalker. So far so good,. Except that the quest progression (in the map menu) still tells me I should talk to Karm but I can't do it any more. He just tells me that nothing good ever came of standing around or something like that.? And I have killed the stalker and have not gained anything (I supposed the ingredient would appear in the quest item screen). Is this the same glitch that appear to get people stuck on gaining the last item? Or this a new glitch? O will the dialog option appear again later on? If it is important, I have gained the Lost and Found sidequest from him... Do I have to complete that before he'll talk to me? Thanks for any help....