Strategy vs Corrupted Champion (crucible)

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So I'm trying to beat the crucible on Hard (or whatever it is called).

So far it has been quite easy but now that I reached Wave 50+ I get destroyed  by the Corrupted champions (Wave 55). I just don't get what to do, one of them can take half my lifebar with just 2 attacks and I have to hit them a good while before I do any sort of damage to them.

Ghouls do not work against them because 1: They charge at me in the time it takes to summon them 2: Thay just do their "jump" attack and destroy them.

So yeah, any advice. My character is level 22 and I guess my gears isn't spectacular. But I'm surprised at the fact that a lot of crucible guides say this have is really easy and for me it's the first one I'm having a lot of trouble to beat (I've beaten it, but using almost all my potions and as soon as more corrupted champions appear later on I die) 

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Been a while since I played,but it's all in the gear and reaction. Potions are generally less usefull and it's best to have a health restoring weapon