Possessed weapon upgrading explanation

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Hi everyone,

looking for someone who can comprehensively explain me the upgrading process on possessed weapons. I went through thousands of topics but there is so much missinterpretation there that currently I totally confused.

So what seems to be clear is that weapon can be upgraded 5 times and I can put max 5 atributes into it.

Question is now does the stats of the weapon (base damage and atributes) increase in matter of what I feed the weapon with or does it happen automatically according to lvl? Lets say I have possessed scythes and I want to have crit chance aribute on it, do I have to feed it with only weapons that increase the crit chance or will 1 suffice, I choose the atribute upon lvl up and rest of the items dont matter? Now lets say I have there crit chance and crit damage, what should I feed the weapon with? More items with crit chance/crit hit or it doesnt matter? Also if I feed it with let say 5 weapons with 5% crit damage would it be any difference if I would feed it lets say with 5 weapons with 10% crit damage?

Also whats best to have? My friend told me that my first upgrade should be life on hit but I cannot find any items with that (I am lvl 9). For what atributes shoould I go for? Crit damage, crit chance, life on hit, srength and lets say life on crit? Should I have all those atributes in 1 weapon? Should I start upgrading it now or its not worth it on that lvl yet?


thanks in advance to anyone who can understandably explain this to me

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I am lost on this too. I guess they are really rare so making one at level 10 I don't think is a bad idea. Its the same level I am at. Here is what I know....

1. Only the last weapon you feed before you level up is important to get a stat. So, if you want Crit Chance make sure the last item you use has a good crit chance on it.

2. I am not sure about this but I read if you then feed items to it with Crit Chance after the first level it will go up each time it eats. Just make sure you put something else on it right before level up.

3. I think this is the reason you want life steal first but I am not sure.

4. The higher the color the better XP and Tailsmans give the best XP.

5. So, I guess what I am going to do is this.

Level it up to first level make sure it gets health steal, try and give it more health steal items then go with Frost Damage for level 2. Now add in both health steal and Frost Damage weapons. Then upgrade Crit Chance. Then add that to the mix. Then add STR or Crit Damage and last add Wrath Steal.

The thing is since life steal is so hard to find wouldn't it make sense to wait to level it up last? When you have more items with it?

What I really want to know is whats the best order to level and why?

For a build that uses Ghouls and Harbringer would going

1. Life Steal

2. Frost Damage

3. STR

4. Crit Chance

5. Wrath Steal

Be a good order? Should I wait for a higher level PW before I start? Any other tips would be a great this board is the worst I have ever seen so it would awesome if just one person could help us out