Lich Spines are one of the best weapons in the game

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Agree/disagree? The wrath regeneration you get from this weapon is simply amazing. Combined with increased wrath generation from Teleport Slash you can literally get all your wrath back in two seconds. This has been my secondary weapon of choice ever since I found it.

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Fully disagree. Wrath steal is mostly useless since enemies have enough wrath to choke a hypogriff and as such always use their special attacks. I my self rarely have to use more then 3 attacks per single fight and usually restore it during the fight since you get wrath for just hitting an enemy. Now anything that has life steal is what is actually worth keeping. You get to damage your enemy and get some life back. Theoreticly if you have both health steal,health crit and health kill you would be basically imortal since you would get plenty of health which is far more usefull. Heck lightning and ice are more usefull. The only thing that may be less usefull would be wrtah/health regen and thats only because I have no idea how it works exactly.

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i agree with suksass in my play i had a possessed weapon that had at full level a 27% crt chance, health on crt, wrath on crt, health per kill and lightning dmg about 70, i had it at level 17 and it took me through till the end of the game, needless to say it was excellent in mobs and also a life saver when i fought the ice king.