Is there a way to determine which book of the dead pages I'm missing?

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I've done a playthrough up until the point where I can enter the portal for the well of souls.

I'm trying to go back and finish up all the side quests before I do and I managed to find 36 of the 40 pages.

I still have 4 to go, so I know I can find an online guide but I seriously don't remember where I found all of these.

Is there a way to figure out which ones I'm missing or am I going to have to go back to every place the guides point out until I find them all?

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Nope. Same goes for stonebites and relics. The only thing you do know if you found that specific item from list or not is directions for soul arbiters maze beats me if anyone even made guide for that.(I think at least... unless directions are give in pre-determined roundabout way ... lvl 2 then lvl 7 then 5 then... etc).
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well that's certainly depressing. Fortunately I remembered going into the kingdom of the dead with only a few book of the dead pages so I was able look at a guide and see there were a lot more book of the dead pages in the forge lands than i remembered getting.

I back tracked those and collected the 4 I was missing.

Now onward to the stones and relics.

I know I'm missing 7 blue stones, 6 red, and 6 yellow. This is gonna suck and I don't even wanna begin to think about the relics right now.