Health Health Health! Everytime I need it I dont have it! Help

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Evertime I go into a fight, with a huge boss, i have no extra health. I rarely use the health regeneration, but when i do, i make sure i need to absolutely do it. But it never fails, i never have any health! Is there some place I can go to fill it up, or just get on extra?!?!?! Frustrated and 90% of the bosses I have fought, Ive beaten with no extra health. It just takes me a frickin long ass time because I die 15-20 times!!!
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Firstly and obviously teleport slash. Secondly don't save on potions. They cost like 1k each only. And thirdly get yourself a weapon which steal health or grants health (not sure about health regen as this thing seems useless so far.) or better yet get that weapon and sacrifice it to your possessed weapon to grant it that ability. Works like a charm and makes life easier in crucible. I use gloves that grant me health for each kill and crit and a crit health for my new scythes. Works like a charm.

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potions cost 1k each? where can i get them!?!?
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1st world from shaman lady.

2nd world from that tauren merchant you meet in the begging. Not much of the spoiler really.

3rd world have no idea yet.

4th world probably one of the demons.


I myself rarely shop for them thought. Health is rarely an issue for me beetween my vampiric weapons and the ammount I get from chests and anything brakable. Crucible the only time you'll need to but them for.

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wow i cant believe that. this whole time i didnt know you could buy potions. that has really helped. Thank you im retarded
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Um, you can teleport to pretty much any hub & just buy more.  Why do you think they let you teleport out of dungeons?

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