Darksiders 2 is the best Zelda game ever made!

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Who is with me! Zelda has lost it way, and now Darksiders has found the that way. I have always loved Zelda until the latest one. I hate motion controls. Now darksiders has picked up the mantel, and carried the torch for zelda gamers everywhere.

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BLASPHEMY! Get ready to hear that word a lot. As good as Darksiders2 is, IT is not Zelda. It's completely something else. So don't tarnish the good name of the old by mixing it with the good game of the new.
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Darksiders is more of the bastard love child of Zelda and God of War, and I OK with that.

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I absolutely love darksiders II as well, but prefer the first game to the second. In a way I agree that these games are better than Zelda. They have better combat, puzzles, and exploration.

P.S. The motion controls were a massive improvement to the Zelda series. At least that's how my experience with them was.

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I'm enraged at the fact that Darksiders is not a popular franchise.  Don't people see the genius in there?  It's a shame to know there won't be a third one, or if there is, the whole staff is gone anyways.  Can't wait to see Joe Madureira's next game though, whatever it will be.