Cursed items... What are they?

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I have a bunch of cursed items in my inventory, but won't equip them because I don't know what they do. Can I purify them or what exactly are their effects?

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Do you mean Possessed? If thats what your after then Possessed items can be upgraded by feeding them other items!
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I have a bunch of cursed items in my inventory, but won't equip them because I don't know what they do. Can I purify them or what exactly are their effects?


Possessed items don't look like much initially, but they are really quite useful. I'm going on what I have observed from my own experience with them, so bear with me if I get something wrong. Anyone else please feel free to add on pointers or corrections. Sorry in advance for the length.

Possessed weapons usually come with no extra stats. However, you can level them up to five levels higher than their initial level. So, if you start with level 6 possessed double scythes, you will eventually end up with level 11. You level them up by sacrificing your other weapons, armor, and even talismans to the possessed weapons. I don't know how far you are in the game, but you might notice that some of your weapons/armor/talismans have special added abilities such as fire damage, health on crit, health on kill, health on execute, arcane crit, etc. Some even increase your chances of crits and executes. These can all be transferred to your possessed weapon by sacrificing equipment with these capabilities.

When you want to sacrifice a weapon to your possessed weapon (it does free up your inventory, something that gets easily over-crowded later in the game), select the possessed weapon and then select "Upgrade". You will see a bar at the top of your inventory, next to 5 grey-ed out skulls. The skulls represent the additional levels of the possessed weapon. Items without special abilities will hardly raise the weapon's experience bar, but items with abilities (like fire damage or health on kill) will give A LOT of experience. Fill the bar up and it will gain a level. When the weapon gains a level, you are told which stats increase. THEN you get to decide which abilities you will give your weapon. As you sacrifice your items, I believe only the abilities in white transfer to your possessed weapon.

Say you sacrificed a an axe that gives Frost damage, claws that give health on critical hits, and a talisman that increases the chance for executions. You are asked to choose between giving the possessed weapon frost damage, health on crit, OR chance of execution. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE for the first level-up. Say you go with Frost damage. Health on crit and chance of execution will NOT be available for the second level-up UNLESS you sacrifice more items with those abilities. You can have up to 5 abilities to choose from with each level-up. If you sacrifice a combination of equipment with 6+ different abilities, then the first ability from the first item you sacrificed will be replaced with the last ability from the last sacrifice. If you want to guarantee a specific ability, make sure it's on the last sacrificed item.

The new abilities will continue to get stat increases with each new level, so if elemental damage is your priority, make sure the element type you want (I've seen fire, inferno, ice, frost, lightning, and shock) is assigned with the first level-up, because it will get the most stat increases. If you chose Inferno and sacrifice more inferno weapons, you can choose to get an additional stat boost for Inferno with each level and get a super-powered inferno weapon. I, however, prefer to get a bunch of different abilities on there. It's a matter of taste.

Personally, I love the fire abilities (especially inferno) and so I TRY to make sure my weapon gets inferno, health on crit, chance of crit, chance of arcane crit, and health on kill. By doing this, I am always equiped with weapons that give me health for about every 3-5 blows I strike. I almost never use potions, except infrequently in boss fights.

Other things I have noticed: Scythes, regardless of whether they have special abilities or not, tend to give the most experience when leveling up a possessed weapon. Talismans also give a good chunck of experience, plus they have a HUGE diversity of abilities you can add.

There is a talisman called Demonheart (I think). I won't tell you how to get it in this comment, but when you find it, equip it. When this is equiped, you have a MUCH higher chance of finding possessed weapons. You might notice weapon racks in certain locations (they don't look like much, they do blend in-my advice, always try to destroy everything and you will find a bunch of extras, including zelda-styled hidden chests). If you destroy weapons racks with this talisman equiped, you really have a good chance of getting possessed weapons (better chance, I have found, than even treasure chests).

You can sacrifice ALMOST any weapons/armor/talismans. You CAN NOT sacrifice weapons that have a golden border in your inventory (such as the Omega Armblades, the Gorewood Maul, or the Grim Talisman). However, you can sacrifice weapons with white, green, blue, purple, and even red (possessed) borders. I believe that the order of experience each gives goes white
This all sounds very complicated and very difficult to do, but it really isn't. And don't worry, the later you get in the game, the more frequently you find really powerful things to sacrifice. You also get much higher level possessed items (I'm currently wielding possessed scythes that started at level 17). Basically, the possessed weapon thing is not a gimick, but a rather helpful way for you to free up your inventory without feeling bad about dropping or selling your old items. It also gives you weapons that are far more useful than almost anything you can find or buy in the game. And it's all tailored to your tastes.

I realize this is really long, but I hope it's not confusing. I hope this helps.

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Certain skills cannot be used on certain possessed weapons, i believe execution chance can't go into secondary weapons. Also, health steal is far better (and rarer) then any of the combinations treyviathan specified. (no need for health on crit and on on kill.) Finding possessed weapons certainly helps, but do not waste or buy them all under lvl 30, please leave some boatpoints so you can buy one at lvl 30 from vulgrim wich will allow you to have the highest damage and the strongest skill stats. If you want elemental then you should pick either lightning or ice, while fire, inferno, shock and frost are nice, once you get the damage going, the extra burning damage (or slowing enemies with frost) won't help that much and so you should focus either on ice to freeze enemies in place or lightning to prevent them from atacking (stun). Just use the weapon properties you like more for the moment, but always keep an eye in regular weapons for abilities you want in the next possessed weapon.