Are the other "worlds" just as big as the Makers world??

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Im still in Makers realm and saying its huge is an understatement. Feels like its as big as the entire first game. Are the other worlds just as big just wondering :)

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Only the (Forge Lands) overworld map is biggest. I beated this game today.

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Just began the Dead Kingdom yesterday, but with all this panic over bugs in that world I'm still hanging around the Forge Lands until I find all the relics/stones etc.....until the issues are patched up or whatever.

The Dead Kingdom looks smaller than the 1st world looking at the map, though there is probably much of that area with intricate dungeons and such.

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Each words get generally smaller. The last one is the smallest.


And what bugs? So far the only bug I met was that the is no way to leave dungeon exept for fast travel. Well and that crucible bug where after completing 20waves you get nothing for your eforts.

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As an adventure game you should be happy it's big. But like stated, only the dead kingdom will also have lot's of things to do, the last ones (one where angels live and another where deamons live) are rather small. The last one pretty much only has 1 interesting place and so you go from tree to that place and then you return back to the tree. All kingdoms have access to the crucible.