Classic side-scrolling action mixed with the solid Minecraft formula for addictiveness.

User Rating: 8 | Darkout (Beta Edition) PC
I initially decided to post this since the only other reviewer is a total assclown who is obviously biased in his opinion of the genre. He claims there are too many side scrolling indie games that all turn out the same boring games. Well guess what, FPS games have been doing it for ages GENIUS. Not to mention he reviewed it in February when the game entered Open Beta and is just now being considered for a full release later this year.

Moving on...

The premise of this game is a survival/crafting metroid-esque side scroller where you are forced to fight off minions of the dark in order to survive and build your own epic base. The light/dark aspect still needs to be fleshed out as far as gameplay is concerned, but basically you must attack these creatures with light to make them light up, and then they will be vulnerable to physical damage.

Starting up the game, you create a name for your character. You then type in a world name, generate a completely random world, and a familiar seed generation number ranging from 0 to 65k is available. You then start out crash landed in a location on the planet where you have to scavenge to get materials to build a quick shelter before the shadow creatures have spawned.

After your initial base is created(a quick tutorial guides you through all of this) you are free to mine downwards, or go off exploring on either side for materials required to build more advanced objects. Doing this unlocks new devices and resources in the tech tree. As you gain in power creating new armor and weapons, the monsters you fight will become easier to handle. You will also be able to build a much better fortress using things like metal walls, a forge, workbench, chemical lab, a bed to sleep in, power generators, and much more advanced lighting compared to the torches you start out with.

It is an addictive game that attempts to improve on the formulas of the games it draws inspiration from, and it does it well in my opinion. Not to mention, the game is beautiful! Not many games in this genre push themselves past the 16-bit technology in the days of old.

I can't really do this game justice with my amateurish review, so check out a more recent youtube video. I am just happy to give this game the positive review it deserves.