I just hit 413 hours of play time, so now its time to write the review.

User Rating: 9 | Darkfall Unholy Wars PC
If you are considering a new MMO and you like PvP, PvE, Exploring, clans of friends, Economy and a full loot experience, get this game. period.

This isn't "darkfall Online" or DF1, this is how Darkfall should have been from the beginning. This game is all encompassing and totally immersive. It is as difficult or as challenging as you want it to be and death is most of the time due to your lack of skill or your stupidity. You see everything is possible in the game.

You can be a theif, and explorer, a pirate, a harvester a commander, a loan shark, a treasure hunter, a solider, or a market whiz buying and selling. You can be a homeowner on the frontier or you can stay in safe zones and craft your whole life only leaving to harvest, or you can strive to be the best fighter the world has ever seen. There is no macroing anymore in this game. Everything you do in game gives you prowess points that you use to level your character. Feats give you large ammounts of prowess just from harvesting, skinning, cooking or hunting for instance.

This game is just so hard to review because there is just so much you can do, but beware, death is around ever corner, and its full loot death. People lie in wait and are always on the look out for someone to kill and rob. It can be totally frustrating or totaly rewarding. Etiher way your heart will be pounding. The combat is rich and deep with many strategies and skills depending on what class you play. You cna even diversify your character in a myryad of was depending on your favored play style.

Check this game out if it sounds at all intriguing. You wont regret it. Unless you get mad and rage quit.